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Things to do – Jaipur Trip

Jaipur is one of the most visited cities in the Indian tourist sector. This is not without reason. Here we will list out a few reasons that might tip you over in the direction of finally visiting Jaipur this winter.

  1. Visit the forts: Amber fort, City Palace, Nahargarh fort, and Jaigarh fort.- Book it now
  2. Have an authentic traditional thali.- Book it now
  3. Sanganer is a world-renowned place for traditional arts such as blue pottery, paintings, carvings in stone, and weaving. Make sure this is on your list to experience the crafty mood of Rajasthan. Now you can experience local activities like blue pottery and weaving classes on Book it now
  4. Set aside an evening to go on a food tour of this historic city. Local guides will take you on a culinary tour unlike any other. has food tours across India: Pondicherry, Delhi, Mumbai, and now Jaipur. Local experts will ensure you get the best of both taste and hygiene.- Book it now
  5. Tiger safari: you cannot enter the land of kings and maharajas and not meet the king of the jungle! The Sawai Madhopur Tiger Safari is one of the top experiences at Book it now
  6. Camping & camel safari: For this sojourn, our guides will take you to Pushkar, where you will be treated like royalty, quite literally.- Book it now

We hope your next visit to Jaipur is one that is unforgettable. We are always looking for more authentic and local experiences; if you are in the know, or have someone who is in the know of such an experience, do reach out to us and we would love to feature you as a “hunter of local experiences.


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Top 5 things to do in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer, the ‘Golden City’ of Rajasthan, packs a punch with its history, culture, and desert vibes! Check out the hottest 5 things to do here:

Jaisalmer Fort:

Dive into this UNESCO gem – sandstone walls, palaces, temples, the works!

Patwon Ki Haveli:

Marvel at the intricate designs of these five Rajasthani architectural wonders.

Sam Sand Dunes:

Get your desert fix with camel safaris and a night under the stars.

Gadisar Lake:

Chill by this serene reservoir, surrounded by temples and a local vibe.

Foodie Fiesta:

Dive into Rajasthani flavors – Ker Sangri, Gatte ki Sabzi, and mouthwatering sweets!

Jaisalmer’s got history, desert magic, and flavors that’ll rock your world. This Rajasthan gem is a must-visit!

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Things to do in Meghalaya

Let’s talk about Meghalaya, the super awesome spot in northeast India that’s all about crazy stunning nature and cool vibes. There’s a bunch of rad stuff you gotta check out when you’re there, so here’s the lowdown:

Cherrapunji and Mawsynram:

Hit up the wettest places on Earth. These spots are epic with living root bridges, waterfalls, and caves that’ll blow your mind.

Double-Decker Living Root Bridge:

Trek to this wild Double-Decker Living Root Bridge in Cherrapunji. It’s like something outta a fantasy book made from actual tree roots!

Nohkalikai Falls:

This one’s a jaw-dropper! Nohkalikai Falls is one of India’s tallest waterfalls. The view from that steep cliff? Insane!

Dawki and Umngot River:

Crystal clear waters at Dawki are a must-see. Take a boat ride on the Umngot River for Insta-worthy views.

Mawlynnong Village:

Head to Asia’s cleanest village, Mawlynnong, and check out the skywalk for epic views of living root bridges and Bangladesh.

Mawphlang Sacred Forest:

Feel the ancient vibes at this sacred forest. Crazy old trees and tons of wildlife, plus you’ll learn about Khasi traditions.


It’s the state capital and called the “Scotland of the East.” Don Bosco Centre, Elephant Falls, and yep, the local food is a must!

Mawsmai Cave:

Get ready to explore this natural limestone cave in Cherrapunji. The stalactites and stalagmites are straight out of an adventure flick.

Adventure Galore:

Trek, cave, zip-line – Meghalaya’s got all the thrill-seeker activities you can dream of.

Munch Time:

Don’t miss out on Meghalaya’s grub! Jadoh, doh-nei-iong, tungrymbai – these dishes are a flavor explosion. And try the rice-based brew, soh-ryndi!

Meghalaya is the bomb, seriously. Whether you’re a nature nut or just want to chill with cool views, it’s got something epic for everyone. Don’t miss out on this gem in India’s northeast!

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Things to do in Pondicherry

Pondicherry, or Puducherry, a mesmerising coastal town in India, boasts a unique blend of rich French heritage, tranquil beaches, and a vibrant cultural tapestry. For travellers seeking an enriching experience, if you’re hitting up Pondicherry, here are some absolute must-dos!

Aurobindo Ashram:

Get your zen on here. It’s all about yoga, spirituality, and soaking in the vibes of its awesome founder’s teachings.


Take a day trip to this cool experimental town. Check out the super cool Matrimandir and see how they’re all about eco-friendly living.

Promenade Beach:

A chill stroll by the beach is a must. Enjoy the breeze and spot the iconic Gandhi statue.

Paradise Beach:

A quick boat ride to this heavenly place with golden sands and crystal-clear waters Total paradise vibes!

French Quarter:

You gotta see these pastel-coloured buildings and café scenes – it feels like stepping into a European flick!

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

Seriously stunning church with epic stained glass windows. It’s serene and totally Instagram-worthy.

Serenity Beach:

For a laid-back vibe and water sports, this beach is the spot. Not too crowded, just perfect!

Seaside Promenade:

Nights here are LIT! Street markets, local food, and live music – a total vibe!

Botanical Gardens:

Escape the city chaos and get lost in nature’s beauty. Greenery galore!


Hunt for artsy stuff and chic clothes at local markets. Oh, and traditional incense – a must-grab!


Dive into French-South Indian fusion dishes at the town’s cafes and restaurants. Seafood is a total treat!


Surfing, Scuba Diving, Kayaking – get ready for some beachside action!

Yoga and Wellness:

Time to chill. Meditate, get massages, and rejuvenate your soul.

Pondicherry’s got it all – culture, chill scenes, and amazing natural beauty. Whatever you’re into, this place has something epic for every traveller!

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Bambolim Blog: Everythings about Bambolim, Goa

Tucked away along the mesmerising coastline of Goa lies the tranquil haven of Bambolim. Far from the bustling tourist hotspots, this serene town offers a serene escape amidst lush landscapes, pristine beaches, and a rich tapestry of culture. Let’s delve into the enchanting essence of Bambolim.

>How to reach Bambolim Beach:

Various transport options make getting to Bambolim Beach easy. From Goa International Airport, just 22.5 km away, Goa Miles, the state-run taxi service, offers a convenient ride at a reasonable cost ranging between 650-850 rupees, ensuring a smooth journey to the serene shores of Bambolim Beach. From Chandar railway station, only 11.7 km away, and the Panaji bus stop, a mere 9 km away, taxis, cabs, or auto-rickshaws are readily available. Alternatively, auto-rickshaws serve as a convenient choice from any location in Goa. Whether you prefer air travel or local transport, reaching this serene North Goa spot is hassle-free.

>The prime time to visit Bambolim Beach:

is during Goa’s winter season, spanning October to March. With temperatures averaging 15–25 degrees Celsius, this period promises an ideal climate for a delightful beach getaway. It’s the perfect window to relish the serene ambiance and breathtaking sunsets that adorn the shoreline, creating unforgettable moments for beach enthusiasts.

>Beachside shack recommendations:

Caitan’s Shack:

Located along Bambolim Beach, Caitan’s Shack offers a rustic seaside charm coupled with a delectable seafood menu. From grilled fish to flavorful prawn curries, it’s a seafood lover’s paradise. Vegetarian options are available too, making it a spot for everyone to savour.

La Bamba by Bambolim Beach Resort:

For a touch of sophistication by the sea, La Bamba, an extension of Bambolim Beach Resort, combines luxury with a relaxed atmosphere. Indulge in a fusion of local and international flavours, from gourmet burgers to fresh, vibrant salads. It’s a chic beachside experience.

Both shacks promise not just great food but an ambiance that invites you to unwind and enjoy the coastal magic of Bambolim Beach.

>Top Bambolim Beach Restaurants:


Delight in an exquisite array of multi-cuisine dishes and flavorful drinks, all reasonably priced for a fantastic dining experience.

The Dining Room:

Experience authentic Indian and Goan cuisine in a warmly ambient setting, complemented by impeccable service that’ll keep you coming back.

La Bamba:

A guest house restaurant offering delightful, customizable dishes crafted with the finest ingredients, ensuring a memorable culinary journey.

Sand & Sea Bar Restaurant:

Immerse yourself in authentic Goan flavours at this spot, where local spices infuse each dish, making it the perfect place to savour fresh air and delectable cuisine.

These exceptional dining destinations near Bambolim Beach promise a blend of flavours, ambiance, and authenticity, creating memorable culinary moments by the sea.

>Vegan food options nearby:

Chulha (1.1km from Bambolim Beach):

The tantalising aroma of spices and the warmth of traditional Indian hospitality greet you at Chulha, a culinary gem merely a stroll away from Bambolim Beach. While known for its authentic Indian cuisine, Chulha goes the extra mile by curating a diverse range of vegan dishes. From fragrant vegetable curries to savoury lentil dishes, every bite reflects the rich tapestry of Indian flavours, all crafted without a hint of animal products.

The Dining Room (1km from Bambolim Beach):

Nestled within proximity to the glistening shore, The Dining Room beckons with its charming ambiance and a menu that caters effortlessly to vegan preferences. This establishment prides itself on its versatility, offering a spectrum of globally inspired vegan dishes that celebrate fresh, local produce. Whether it’s a vibrant salad bursting with flavours or a hearty plant-based pasta, each creation is a celebration of nature’s bounty.

The Verandah (1.2km from Bambolim Beach):

As the name suggests, The Verandah invites diners to savour their culinary offerings amidst a picturesque setting. This eatery is a vegan haven, presenting an array of innovative dishes that highlight the fusion of flavors. With a menu designed to cater to various dietary needs, including vegan choices, every visit promises a delightful gastronomic journey.

Cafe Corte (2.2km from Bambolim Beach):

A short distance away, Cafe Corte stands as a testament to culinary diversity. While not exclusively vegan, this charming cafe boasts an impressive selection of plant-based options that stand out among its offerings. From freshly brewed beverages to tantalising vegan pastries and sandwiches, Cafe Corte ensures that vegans feel right at home.

>Attractions in the vicinity:

Holy Cross Church (5.3 km):

A renowned church built in 1612, featuring a facade reminiscent of the Old Goa Bom Jesus, but with distinct architectural elements.

Basilica Of Bom Jesus (15.0 km):

A UNESCO World Heritage Site housing the remains of St. Francis Xavier. Don’t miss its remarkable architecture.

Casino Strike By Big Daddy (1.0 km):

Experience opulent gaming at this grand casino, offering a high-end gaming experience by the scenic Bambolim beach.

Reis Magos Fort (13.1 km):

A historic fort situated along the Mandovi River’s northern bank, it’s a significant landmark in Goa’s history. Ideal for history enthusiasts.

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary (10.7 km):

Named after the eminent Indian ornithologist, this mangrove habitat is a designated bird sanctuary accessible via ferry from nearby beaches, ideal for bird-watching in Goa’s serene settings.

These iconic destinations near Bambolim Beach promise an extraordinary experience, whether you’re into history, architecture, or seeking a touch of luxury and entertainment.

>Experience #FunThingsToDo at Bambolim Beach:


Navigate the sea’s rushing waters, offering a fun and non-risky activity suitable for all skill levels, giving you a taste of open water adventure.


Elevate your beach experience with FlyDining, an extraordinary culinary adventure that takes dining to new heights. Suspended high above the ground, indulge in a gourmet meal while enjoying breathtaking views of Bambolim Beach. It’s an unparalleled dining experience that combines thrill and luxury in one unforgettable package.


Dive into the mesmerising blue waters for a panoramic view of marine life, making your underwater experience unforgettable.

Ringo Ride:

Enjoy an adventurous ride, bouncing along the waves, perfect for beginners seeking an exciting splash in the waters.


Race the wind and water, capturing breathtaking views of the shoreline and experiencing an exhilarating rush of adrenaline.

Please note that these heart-pounding water sports and unique experiences at Bambolim Beach are seasonal and may not be available throughout the year. Before planning your adventure, it’s advisable to check for the availability of these activities during your visit.

>Clubs in the area:

Club Lounge:

Dive into buzzing nightlife at one of the top pubs, featuring hit music and a tantalizing food menu for an ideal Goa night out.

Capiz Bar:

A versatile retreat offering energizing ambiance, where you can enjoy drinks, dance, and revel in high-energy music and dance floors.

Bay View Lounge:

Relax and recharge amidst a sparkling night ambience, whether you’re into night dancing or seeking a serene scenic spot to unwind.

These hotspots promise an electrifying and diverse nightlife scene, offering something for everyone seeking unforgettable nights by the beach in Goa.

>Flea markets near Bambolim:

Bambolim Market:

This local village market offers a diverse array of goods, from fresh produce to handmade crafts and jewellery, ensuring a delightful shopping experience at reasonable prices.

Santa Cruz Market:

Explore this locally owned market, which hosts shops and grocery stores, offering a wide range of casual clothing, accessories, and everyday essentials, making it your one-stop destination for shopping needs.

These nearby markets near Bambolim Beach cater to various preferences, ensuring a fulfilling shopping excursion amidst the scenic surroundings of Goa.

>Key Tips for Your Bambolim Visit:

Pack Essentials: Bring shades, sunscreen, hats, and umbrellas for a comfortable holiday. Opt for breezy clothes and flip-flops to stay relaxed during your trip.

Nighttime Caution: Be extra vigilant during nighttime visits due to potentially larger tides and waves. Exercise caution to avoid accidents.

Water Sports Safety: If engaging in water sports, strictly adhere to provided instructions for your safety and enjoyment.

These essential tips ensure a safe and enjoyable experience at Bambolim Beach, allowing you to make the most of your holiday while staying prepared and cautious.

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Top 10 things to do in Rishikesh for travellers

It is a beautiful place that many tourists visit in India’s state of Uttarakhand called Rishikesh. Here are the top things to do in Rishikesh for travelers:

Visit Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula:

The Suspension bridges, which cross the Ganga River, are the most notable identities of Rishikesh. Visit the charming riverside and see the beautiful scenery at your own pace.

Attend Ganga Aarti:

Go along with the otherworldly force on the nightfall Gangaa Aartii at Triveni Ghost or Parmarth Niketan Ashram. It’s a mesmerizing experience.

Yoga and Meditation Retreats:

Yoga and meditation city- Rishichest. There are many Ashrams and centers that offer classes at different levels enabling the mind and the body to be revitalized.

Adventure Sports:

White-water rafting, trekking, camping as well as bungee jumping are famous in Rishikesh. They provide a very exciting adventure in the Ganges and around the hills.

Explore Neelkanth Mahadev Temple:

Located within a thick forest is this antique temple for Lord Siva, the destroyer! The journey to the shrine is also beautiful as it is of a spiritual nature.

Visit Beatles Ashram (Chaurasi Kutia):

It became famous around the world after The Beatles stayed here in 1968. Walk through the overgrown ruins and absorb the artistic ambience.

Rajaji National Park:

This national park is a sanctuary for wildlife lovers but it’s a short drive away from Rishikesh. Take a jeep ride to see the elephants, tigers, and different bird species.

Breathe in the Fresh Air:

Rishikesh lies on the banks of the Ganges amidst green Himalayan foot hills. Explore the tranquillity by taking a stroll, hiking or nature trails.

Indulge in Ayurvedic and Spa Therapies:

There are many Ayurvedic centers and spas that provide rejuvenating treatment just to help you feel relaxed.

Shop for Souvenirs:

Go around different marketplaces and shops looking for local costumes, religious relics and other spiritual things like rudraksha beads and idols.

A place like Rishikesh brings together spirituality, adventure tourism, and natural beauty for people in different groups of tourists. Rishikesh offers peace, excitement and cultural enlightenment if that is what one seeks for.

Discover & Book all these activities here.


Things to do around Delhi – Top 5 Weekend Getaways with History, Culture & Adventure!

There are various small towns that make great weekend escapes from Delhi, and provide a cozy retreat. 

Here are five places to visit for a weekend trip from Delhi:

Agra (Approx. 3-4 hours by road):

This is made apparent by Agra’s iconic Taj Mahal, a designated UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as historical buildings such as Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. This city serves as an ideal destination for a day trip or a short vacation that allows one to appreciate the Mughals heritage of this city.

Jaipur (Approx. 5 hours by road):

In addition, Jaipur – the capital of Rajasthan has lively culture. You may also tour old forts, palaces and vivacious markets like the Johari Bazaar. Do not fail Amer Fort, City Palace, and Hawa Mahal.

Rishikesh (Approx. 5-6 hours by road):

If you’re after excitement and spirit. Famous for yoga, meditation and thrills such as white-water rafting. There is another option, the spiritual town of Haridwar, located close by.

Jim Corbett National Park (Approx. 5-6 hours by road):

People who love nature and wildlife can visit Jim Corbett National Park for one day to enjoy wilderness and animal tracking. A number of animals such as Bengal tigers, elephants and vegetation are hosted in this park.

Neemrana (Approx. 2-3 hours by road):

The Neemrana Fort Palace is its well-known heritage hotel that has been restored to its original state in the fifteenth century. Feel like royalty for an entire weekend, walking around the palace, swimming in the pool, and enjoying some peace.

These are ideal holiday destinations as they have a combination of history, culture, adventure, and relaxation and is perfect break away from Delhi. You have the right to choose based on what suits your passions for history, nature, or luxury activities.

Book all activities here!

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Top ten things to do for travelers in Jaipur, India:

1. Visit the Amber Fort

Visit this magnificent hilltop castle and soak in the incredible architectural design and breathtaking vistas.

2. City Palace

Explore royal history of Jaipur in City palace and museum.

3. Hawa Mahal

Appreciate the complexity of the “Palace of Winds,” which is emblematic of Jaipur’s past.

4. Jantar Mantar

Visit the UNESCO-listed astronomical observatory with its unique instruments.

5. Nahargarh Fort

Take a hike to this fort to see the stunning scenery of the pink city.

6. Jaipur Markets

Visit Johari Bazaar or Bapu Bazaar for textile shopping as well as buying jewelry or traditional crafts.

7. Jal Mahal

For a more calm and relaxed experience, visit the Water Palace located on one of the lakes around the Man Sagar.

8. Chokhi Dhani

This is an ethic village Resort where one can have a taste of Rajasthani traditions, food and entertainment.

9. Albert Hall Museum

This is a perfect place for historical buffs who are interested in discovering art and history, especially in this beautiful museum.

10. Taste Rajasthani Cuisine

Sample delicacies such as dal baati churma, gatte ki sabzi, and pyaaz ki kachori in the restaurants of Jaipur.

You will get a vivid feel of Jaipur cultural and historic legacy when you engage in these activities.
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Fun Goa Trip under ₹6000/-

Planning a memorable trip to Goa doesn’t have to break the bank! In this article, we will explore how you can have an adventurous and fun-filled 3-day trip to Goa on a budget of just 5000 rupees. Get ready to experience the vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and thrilling activities that this coastal paradise has to offer, all without emptying your wallet.

  • Accommodation (hostel): Approximately ₹1500/- 
  • Two-wheeler rental: Around  ₹1000/-
  • Food: Budget around  ₹1000/- for local meals and street food
  • Adventure activities: Allocate  ₹1500/- for various thrilling experiences
  • Miscellaneous expenses: Keep aside  ₹1000/- for unforeseen expenses and souvenirs

Accommodation: Stay in Hostels

When it comes to budget-friendly accommodation in Goa, hostels are the way to go. Not only are they affordable, but they also offer a great opportunity to meet fellow travelers and make new friends. You can find a variety of hostels scattered across popular areas like Anjuna, Vagator, and Calangute. With prices as low as 500 rupees per night, hostels provide a comfortable and convenient base for your Goa adventure.

Tips for Choosing the Right Hostel:

  • Look for hostels with positive reviews and ratings.
  • Check for amenities like free Wi-Fi, lockers, and communal spaces.
  • Consider the hostel’s location, ensuring it is close to the areas you plan to explore.

Transportation: Two-Wheeler Rental

To make the most of your Goa trip, renting a two-wheeler is a cost-effective and convenient way to get around. You can easily find bike rental shops throughout the popular tourist areas, offering a wide range of options to suit your budget. Renting a scooter or a motorbike typically costs around 300 to 500 rupees per day, allowing you to explore the beaches, markets, and attractions at your own pace.

Essential Tips for Two-Wheeler Rental:

  • Ensure the rental agency provides a valid driving license and insurance.
  • Check the condition of the vehicle, including brakes, lights, and tires.
  • Always wear a helmet and follow traffic rules for your safety.

Food: Embrace the Local Flavors

One of the highlights of any trip to Goa is undoubtedly its delectable local cuisine. While dining in fancy restaurants can be expensive, street food and local eateries offer a budget-friendly way to savor authentic Goan delicacies. Indulge in mouthwatering dishes like Goan fish curry, prawn balchao, and bebinca without burning a hole in your pocket. Food stalls near popular beaches and markets offer a wide variety of affordable and flavorful options.

Must-Try Local Dishes:

  • Fish Curry Rice: A delicious combination of rice, fish curry, and a side of fish fry.
  • Pork Vindaloo: A spicy and tangy pork dish cooked with aromatic spices.
  • Bebinca: A traditional Goan dessert made with layers of flavored pancakes.

Adventure Activities: Unleash Your Thrill-Seeking Side

No trip to Goa is complete without indulging in a thrilling adventure. The coastal town offers an array of exciting activities that cater to every adrenaline junkie out there. From kayaking through mangrove forests to riding the waves while surfing, Goa has it all. Don’t miss the chance to experience the exhilaration of a banana boat ride or the beauty of nature during a waterfall trek.

Exciting Activities to Try:


Explore the serene mangrove forests and enjoy the calmness of the backwaters.

Book here!

Banana Boat Ride

Hold on tight as you glide across the waves on this exciting water adventure.

Book here!

Waterfall Trek

Immerse yourself in the lush greenery and rejuvenate under cascading waterfalls.

Book here!


Ride the waves of the Arabian Sea and experience the thrill of catching the perfect wave.

Book here!

By making smart choices and planning ahead, you can enjoy a fantastic Goa trip within a budget of 6000 rupees.  So, get ready to create lasting memories while immersing yourself in the vibrant and lively atmosphere of this tropical paradise. 

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Beyond the Beach: Unique Seaside Activities in Goa


Goa, the crown jewel of India’s coastal destinations, is renowned for its sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife. However, beyond the sun-soaked shores and pulsating clubs, there’s a world of unique seaside activities waiting to be explored. In this blog, we’ll unveil the hidden treasures of Goa’s coastline, offering you a glimpse into the diverse and unconventional experiences that await.

1. Kayaking through Mangrove Forests:

Explore the serene backwaters of Goa on a kayaking adventure through its mangrove forests. Paddle your way through narrow waterways, witnessing exotic bird species and lush greenery. It’s a peaceful escape from the bustling beach crowds.
Book Here!

2. Dolphin Spotting Boat Tours:

Set sail on a boat tour to spot dolphins frolicking in the Arabian Sea. Goa’s waters are home to these playful creatures, and a boat trip offers a chance to witness them leaping and twirling in their natural habitat, creating a magical experience for both kids and adults alike.
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3. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving:

Dive into the azure waters of Goa to discover its thriving marine life. Snorkeling near Grande Island or embarking on a scuba diving expedition allows you to encounter vibrant coral reefs, colorful fish, and even shipwrecks, providing an unforgettable underwater adventure.
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4. Beach Yoga and Meditation:

Start your day with the sound of waves and the warmth of the sun on your skin. Many beaches in Goa offer yoga and meditation sessions, allowing you to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul while surrounded by the soothing symphony of the sea.
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5. Seaside Spice Plantation Tours:

Embark on a unique culinary journey by visiting spice plantations near the coast. Learn about Goa’s rich spice heritage, explore fragrant plantations, and indulge in delectable traditional meals made from freshly harvested spices.
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6. Fishing with Locals:

Connect with the local fishing communities and experience the traditional way of fishing in Goa. Join fishermen on their boats, learn their techniques, and savor the excitement of catching your own fish. You can even have your fresh catch prepared at a nearby beach shack.
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7. Seaside Campfires and Stargazing:

As the sun sets, gather around a beachside campfire with friends and family. Roast marshmallows, share stories, and gaze at the stars above. Goa’s clear night skies provide a perfect backdrop for stargazing, creating a magical atmosphere by the sea.
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Goa’s seaside activities extend far beyond the sand and surf, offering a diverse range of experiences that cater to every traveler’s interests. Whether you seek adventure, tranquility, or cultural immersion, the coastal wonders of Goa are sure to leave you with cherished memories and a longing to return, not just for its beaches but for the unique adventures that await beyond the shoreline. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the extraordinary side of Goa’s coastline!

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Fun Things to do in North Goa Beaches

1. Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach, located in North Goa, is a haven for adventure enthusiasts seeking an adrenaline rush. Here are some exhilarating activities you can indulge in:


Experience the thrill of soaring high above the azure waters of Vagator Beach while being harnessed to a colorful parachute. Take in breathtaking views of the coastline and feel the wind rush through your hair.

Tip: Opt for tandem parasailing to share this unforgettable experience with a friend or loved one.

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Jet Skiing

Hop onto a powerful jet ski and whizz across the waves, feeling the spray of water on your face. Channel your inner speed demon as you navigate the pristine sea, enjoying the freedom and excitement that this activity offers.

Tip: Adhere to safety guidelines and wear a life jacket to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Scuba Diving

Dive into the mesmerizing underwater world of Vagator Beach, which boasts vibrant coral reefs and a myriad of marine life. Discover the thrill of breathing underwater and admire the stunning colors that lie beneath the surface.

Tip: Engage in a diving course beforehand to learn the necessary skills and techniques for this adventure.

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Embrace the adventurous spirit by embarking on a trek through the lush greenery surrounding Vagator Beach. Explore hidden trails, encounter breathtaking vistas, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the area.

Tip: Take a local guide along to ensure a safe and informative journey.

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2. Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach, renowned for its hippie culture and vibrant nightlife, offers a unique blend of adventure and relaxation. Unleash your adventurous side with these thrilling activities:


Soar like a bird above the picturesque landscape of Anjuna Beach as you take a tandem paragliding flight. Feel the rush of wind against your face as you marvel at the stunning coastline below.

Tip: Capture this unforgettable experience with a GoPro camera to relive the exhilaration later.

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Delve into the mysterious world of caves near Anjuna Beach. Navigate through narrow passages, marvel at unique rock formations, and witness the enigmatic beauty hidden beneath the surface.

Tip: Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes to ensure ease of movement through the caves.

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Yoga and Meditation

Embrace the serene environment of Anjuna Beach by participating in yoga and meditation sessions conducted on the shore. Connect with your inner self, find peace, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Tip: Engage in beachside yoga classes during sunrise or sunset to enhance the tranquility of the experience.

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3. Baga Beach

Baga Beach, situated in North Goa, is known for its lively atmosphere and water sports opportunities. Engage in these thrilling activities during your visit:


Paddle your way through the tranquil waters of Baga Beach on a kayak, exploring hidden coves and remote corners of the coastline. Discover the peacefulness of the sea while immersing yourself in the beauty of the surroundings.

Tip: Wear a life jacket and ask for waterproof phone cover to protect your phone while recording.

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Banana Boat Ride

Gather a group of friends or family and embark on an exciting banana boat ride across the waves. Hold on tight as you try to maintain balance, while the boat bounces and glides along the water, creating moments of joy and laughter.

Tip: Don’t forget to hold onto the handles tightly to avoid getting tossed into the water.

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Harness the power of the wind as you combine surfing and sailing in this adrenaline-pumping sport. Glide over the waves, feeling a sense of freedom and achievement as you master the art of windsurfing.

Tip: Take lessons from an experienced instructor to learn the techniques and safety protocols associated with windsurfing.

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Dolphin Spotting

Embark on a thrilling dolphin-spotting tour, where you can witness these playful creatures in their natural habitat. Enjoy the sight of dolphins leaping out of the water, creating unforgettable memories.

Tip: Choose a responsible tour operator that adheres to ethical practices for animal encounters.

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Night Markets

Explore the vibrant night markets near Baga Beach, where you can shop for unique souvenirs, traditional handicrafts, and trendy fashion items. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere and indulge in delicious street food.

Tip: Bargain with the sellers to get the best prices for your purchases.

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4. Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach, also known as the “Queen of Beaches,” is a popular tourist spot offering a plethora of adventure activities:


Experience a panoramic view of Calangute Beach and its surroundings as you glide through the air while parasailing. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you ascend high above the crystal-clear waters.

Tip: Opt for the early morning hours to avoid long queues and enjoy a serene experience.

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Water Skiing

Challenge yourself to master the art of water skiing as you glide over the waves, propelled by a powerful speedboat. Enjoy the thrill of balancing on skis and the sensation of speed.

Tip: Maintain the correct posture and balance to ensure a smooth skiing experience.

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Beach Shacks

Unwind and relax at one of the beach shacks along Calangute Beach. Savor delicious Goan cuisine, sip on refreshing cocktails, and soak in the sights and sounds of this vibrant coastal destination.

Tip: Try local Goan delicacies such as Goan fish curry and bebinca for an authentic gastronomic experience.

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Beach Yoga

Engage in a revitalizing yoga session on Calangute Beach, where you can connect with nature and enjoy the gentle sound of waves crashing against the shore. Experience a sense of tranquility and inner peace.

Tip: Practice pranayama (breathing exercises) to enhance relaxation and mindfulness during your beach yoga session.

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Embark on a thrilling adventure around Goa’s stunning beaches, where you can push your boundaries and create lasting memories. Whether you prefer soaring above the coast or exploring the underwater world, these activities will satisfy your adventurous spirit. Indulge in the excitement, embrace new experiences, and immerse yourself in the unique charm of Goa’s beach culture.